Happy Valentine’s Day from Turkey!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Turkey!

So I’m sitting here in the hotel balcony, watching the sunrise view over the Marmara sea… while cute seagulls are flying above my head and singing their usual “good morning” songs.

It’s only a day away from Valentine’s Day… and just wanted to write this for you and wish you a lovely Valentine ahead!

Whether you’re single or with a partner you adore, rest assured Valentine is a day of Love. If you already have it, good luck on enjoying it and keeping it rockin’ alive for many years to come!

happy romantic couple in love

And if you’re searching for “the one”, wish you all the best in the upcoming year – until the next VD next year.

And do you want to hear some good news?

Those of us searching for Love, deserve to find it… And you WILL find it – sooner than you  imagine.Because someone who is ready for love and has a lot to give, will soon attract the one he/she is looking for into his/her life.

So here’s wishing you a lovely Valentine this year… and hope that next year I see you with the one who adores you and makes you happy! :)

romantic couple hug valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day wishes to you, all the way from the sunny Istanbul!

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  1. Norbu Wangdi says:

    Hello Julia,

    Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day to you too.



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