Love Poem: All I See Is You


Ever happened to you that you once were in so much love with someone, but over time your love faded out and became less romantic? When you look at him/her, you may sometimes wonder where all the love you shared is gone?

If you have ever felt this way, then you will enjoy this sweet and a bit sad love poem. It may help you remember the happier days you two had when you were first in love together.

So enjoy this love poem…

I remember us,
the way we used to be,
I’d hold you in my arms,
your smile so sweet to me,

But now when I see you,
you look right through me,
I feel so alone now,
but when I close my eyes…

… All I see is you.

The love we used to share,
gone up in whirl winds,
will I ever love,
or ever live again,

I am tired of crying,
and I am done trying,
To remember all about you,
but when I close my eyes…

… All I see is you.

All the love I am sending,
the memories I won’t sell,
I know there must be an ending,
to the story I will tell,

I dream only of your love,
and happiness in life,
I try not to think of you,
but when I close my eyes…

… All I see is you.

- By Kelly Lobdell

2 Responses to “Love Poem: All I See Is You”

  1. sweetie says:

    Lovely poem.. Very touching

  2. David Rex says:

    so true


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