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Love Poem: You Complete Me

Love Poem: You Complete Me


Here’s a romantic love poem for you to enjoy…

I couldn’t have lived till now
If it wasn’t for you
I would have been so lost
Not knowing what to do

You put me together
Only now can I see
You make me what I am
You complete me

We’re two different halves
Put together, we’re one whole
Every beat of my heart is yours
Everyday I pray for your soul

It’s just your smile I need to see
When there’s no other remedy
You put me together
You complete me

I’m too scared to let you go
I never want to lose you
If you weren’t here with me
I’d never know what to do

All I feel now are joys
All my sorrows are history
What else can I say now?
It’s because you complete me.

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2 Responses to “Love Poem: You Complete Me”

  1. Clinton Wanywa says:

    I realy Enjoyed and liked this love poem.

  2. Natasha Humphries says:

    I dedicate this poem to my one and only husband Gregory.


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